Friday, July 17, 2009

RIP, j jr.

yesterday, july 16th, marked the 10-year anniversary of john f. kennedy jr.'s death. i found it a bit strange that i actually was not even remotely aware of this fact until very late in the day. my faith in the general american public is very low. yes, i am a cynic of great proportions, but i am a realist as well. we have become so jaded by politicians and celebrities biting the dust extravagantly. if an icon does not die from a massive overdose of hallucinogenic pills, or if someone does not get stabbed with a rusty, dipped in anthrax, turkey carving knife, they seem to simply fall off this country's radar. jfk jr. is a prime example of this. a simple plane crash is too boring for this hollywoodified world we live in.

on july 16th, 1999 jfk got into his plane without an IFR-rating (an IFR enables a pilot to simply look at his plane's navigation system rather than solely relying on looking ahead--aka the reason why licensed, commercial plane pilots are able to fly through clouds without issues.) and so he crashed--killing his sister in-law and wife. on the stupidity spectrum, in my opinion, this is a 10. moreover, why would any good wife allow her husband to fly without a crucial license, and doubly so, why would she even board the plane? i have respect for the dead, so i will not continue with those thoughts. that's that.

thanks to (once again!) i was able to commemorate this sad day by browsing through a wonderful album of photos of jfk jr. throughout the years. this particular picture made me laugh.
even mounting this bicycle in a full suit, this was certainly j jr.'s safest mode of transportation.

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